C4m Mic/Line Input Card
C4m Mic/Line Input Card


  • Clean, transparent, archival-quality audio
  • Four XLR female inputs per card
  • Remote controllable from RCI/MCS, Yamaha consoles, or Pro64 Network Manager

The C4m Mic/Line Input Card provides four remote-controllable mic/line-level inputs for modular AllFrame systems. Each preamp offers the pristine archival-quality audio that Aviom systems are known for. Essential channels strip controls—gain, phantom power, low-cut filter, and phase are individually controllable.

Up to six C4m cards can be installed in a single F6, the host frame for the modular AllFrame system, putting up to 24 remote controlled mic preamps in a single location. Mix and match I/O cards to create custom Pro64 devices configured for your specific needs.

Product Details

The C4m card's four remote-controllable analog mic- or line-level inputs feature the same mic preamp circuitry found in the state-of-the-art 6416m Mic Input Module and provide clean, transparent A-to-D conversion without compromise. Once digitized, the signals can be routed anywhere in the Pro64 network and output in a variety of formats including analog line-level, mic level, AES3 digital and/or directly into a Yamaha console with a 6416Y2 A-Net Card installed.

The preamp channel strip settings on the C4m inputs can be remote controlled from an MCS Mic Control Surface, select Yamaha® digital consoles by using the Pro64 network's m-control feature, or from the Pro64 Network Manager software.

The modular nature of the I/O cards in an AllFrame system allow the user to reconfigure the network's I/O devices to suit the needs of the application in just minutes. Imagine trying to do that with traditional analog cabling.

C4m Technical Specifications

Inputs 4  channels; XLR; Mic or line-level
XLR Inputs Pin 1: Shield; Pin 2: Hot; Pin 3: Cold
Differential Input Impedance 3.6k ohms
Input Gain Range 0-55dB, variable, in 1dB increments
Maximum Input Level Resulting in 0dBFS 0dB gain, Pad on = +24dBu
0dB gain, Pad off = 0dBu
55dB gain, Pad on = -31dBu
55dB gain, Pad off = -55dBu
Pad -24dB, switchable per channel
Low Cut Filter -3dB @85Hz, -18dB per octave; per channel
Phantom Power +48V, individually selectable per channel
Frequency Response +/- 0.3dB 20-23kHz at 48kHz
+/- 0.3dB 20-45kHz at 96kHz
+/- 0.3dB 20-53kHz at 192kH
-3dB @ 2Hz (at all sample rates)
THD+N 0.0015% @1.0kHz, -10dBFS
0.007% @ 1.0kHz, - 1dBFS
Dynamic Range (noise floor) 112dB
Crosstalk -110dB @1kHz. 35dB gain
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) -127dBu
CMRR (common mode rejection ratio) 78dB @ 1.0kHz / 75dB @ 10kHz typical
Threaded Inserts PEM FEOX-440;
Use size #4 machine screw with 40 threads per inch.
Dimensions 5.2 x 1.9 x 3.01 in.
132.08 x 48.26 x 76.45 mm
Weight: 0.5 pound (0.22 kg)

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