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The Basics
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Aviom's Pro16® and Pro64® Series product lines offer a modular approach to building digital snakes for live events and installations—even those requiring frequent changes in I/O locations. The ease with which Aviom systems can be reconfigured makes them both more flexible and more cost-effective than products with fixed size and limited expandability. An Aviom digital snake gives you consistently excellent sound quality—plus the freedom to design and redesign to meet your changing needs.

Analog Simplicity: Plug-and-Play All the Time

Aviom digital snake systems streamline design, installation, set up, and operation.

Whether you're in a regional band, supporting a national tour, producing a corporate event, or shooting on location, an Aviom digital snake will help you to work faster and more efficiently, while delivering consistently excellent results.

Simply connect your existing audio sources and a Cat-5e cable, and you're ready to go.

Flexibility to Adapt: Reconfigure Without Programming

An Aviom digital snake lets you create any number of lossless digital splits, reconfigure a system for different productions without reprogramming, and expand as your needs change. It's all modular, and it's all plug and play.

Transparent Mic Preamps: Clear Sound with Intuitive Control

Choose the set-and-forget mic preamps of the Pro16 Series or Pro64's remote-controllable and recallable mic pres. With a Pro64 system, audio settings can be controlled from Aviom's MCS Mic Control Surface, most Yamaha digital consoles, or Aviom's Network Manger PC app. No matter which product line you choose, all Aviom preamps deliver clean, transparent sound.

An Aviom digital snake will improve the audio fidelity and reliability of your audio system by eliminating ground loops, RF interference, and signal degradation. A-Net, Aviomís state-of-the-art digital audio transport protocol, meets the most demanding specifications for audio fidelity and clock integrity.

Aviom digital snakes are a cost-effective way to distribute audio from point to point, especially when you need a system that can easily be scaled to connect additional I/O or production locations or that offers the versatility of a true network.

What an Aviom Digital Snake Can Do For You