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July 27, 2015


New A-Net Distributors Make Personal Mixing Systems More Flexible

West Chester, PA —

Aviom is pleased to announce that its new D400 and D400-Dante A-Net® Distributors are now shipping in the US and worldwide. The D400 and D400-Dante A-Net Distributors are designed to distribute power and digital audio data to an Aviom personal mixing system and provide users with an easy and affordable way to get into Aviom personal mixing for live performance or recording applications.

The D400 and D400-Dante A-Net Distributors add new levels of flexibility when designing a new personal mixing system or expanding or upgrading an existing system. “Having more Dante options in the Aviom product line really benefits those users with digital consoles as more and more manufacturers are adding a Dante option to their products,” explains Aviom’s national sales manager, Ross Warner. The D400-Dante allows up to 32 Dante channels to be routed to the personal mixing system, which makes connecting to a Dante-enable digital console or audio network as simple as plugging in a Cat-5 cable.

The standard D400 has an A-Net input and is perfect for those using an analog input module or a digital console card as the front end of their system, while the D400-Dante has Dante™ I/O instead of the A-Net input. Up to 8 personal mixers can be connected to each D400 or D400-Dante’s A-Net outputs, and an unlimited number of distributors can be used when creating larger systems with more than 8 performers.

The D400 and D400-Dante are fully compatible with both the original Pro16® version of A-Net and the new Pro16e® version of A-Net, the technology driving the A360 and A320 Personal Mixers which allows multiple 16-channel banks of monitoring content to be delivered over a single Cat-5 cable. The new distributors can also be used with Aviom’s legacy products including the popular A-16II Personal Mixer.

With more than 100,000 personal mixers on stages and in studios around the world, Aviom has helped more musicians fix their monitors than any other brand. Aviom personal mixers are designed with the performing and recording musician in mind, with streamlined user interfaces and powerful, practical features. All Aviom products are designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA. For more information, visit www.Aviom.com.


D400 and D400-Dante Shipping