A-16R Rack-Mount Personal Mixer
A-16R Rack-Mount Personal Mixer


The rack-mounted A-16R Personal Mixer is no longer available.

For musicians using wireless in-ear monitors, the A360 Personal Mixer, along with the D800 or D800-Dante A-Net Distributor, streamline connections while offering the advanced performance of the A360 Personal Mixer. Using Network Mix Back, the stereo mix output of each A360 can be sent back up the Cat-5 cable to the D800 or D800-Dante, where it can be output as part of a 16-channel A-Net stream or loaded back in to the Dante network. Simply connect an AN-16/o v.4 Output Module to convert the stereo mixes to analog and connect to transmitters for wireless in-ear monitors.

Each D800 or D800-Dante supports Network Mix Back for up to eight A360 Personal Mixers.

Download the User Guide for the A-16R and A-16CS.