RCI Remote Control Interface
RCI Remote Control Interface


  • Flexible remote control architecture supporting multiple control points
  • Control Groups for segmenting control among multiple users
  • Network monitor station with headphone output with volume control
  • Line-level rear-panel XLR monitor output with pad
  • Four-pin XLR connector for optional backup DC power

The RCI Remote Control Interface provides a network interface for the MCS Mic Control Surface, used to remote control mic preamps in the 6416m Mic Input Module and AllFrame in any Pro64 digital snake or audio network.

An RCI can also serve as a single-channel network monitor station; its headphone and rear-panel XLR line-level outputs can be set to monitor any active Slot in the Pro64 network. It can also sync with the MCS so that channel selections made on the MCS can be instantly monitored.

Product Details

The RCI Remote Control Interface, when combined with the MCS Mic Control Surface offers unprecedented remote control capabilities for the 6416m Mic Input Module and AllFrame.

A single RCI and MCS can be used to control up to 64 channels of mic preamp inputs, regardless of their location in the network. Alternatively, any number of RCI Remote Control Interfaces can be installed throughout a Pro64® network, providing multiple control points. The Control Group function allows control of active mic channels to be divided among up to four different simultaneous users and control points.

Monitor Outputs and More

The RCI can also be used as a stand-alone monitor station; any Pro64 network audio resource can be selected (from the RCI or MCS) and monitored using the built-in headphone and/or line-level XLR mono outputs. MCS Mic Control Surfaces can be connected and disconnected from the RCI without affecting network behavior.

RCI Technical Specifications

Controller Port EtherCon RJ45, Accepts MCS
Headphone Monitor 1/4-inch TRS, mono, with level control
Monitor Output XLR jack, balanced line level, mono
XLR Output Pin 1: Shield; Pin 2: Hot; Pin 3: Cold
XLR Output Level +4dBu (Pad off), -17dBu (Pad on);
rear-panel switch
Max. Ambient Temp. 50C
A-Net 2 EtherCon RJ45 connectors
A-Net Cable Length 400 feet (120 meters) between devices (Cat-5e)
Power Supply 100-240VAC
50-60Hz, 16W
Internal switching type; IEC connector
Backup DC Power Inlet 24VDC, 2.0 amp max.
4-pin XLR (Pin 1: GND; Pin 2/3 no connect; Pin 4: 24VDC)
Dimensions 1U: 19"w x 8"d x 1.75"h (482.6 x 203 x 44 mm)
Weight 7 pounds (3.17 kg)

Product Images

RCI Remote Control Interface    RCI Remote Control Interface