Personal Mixing

on Stage & in the Studio

Whether you're facing the challenges of getting the right monitor mix on stage with an engineer who has too many mixes to manage at once or you're tired of spending so much time tweaking cue mixes while trying to record, Aviom personal mixers can help you get better mixes in less time, so you can focus on the music.

  • Hear exactly what you need—every time you play
  • Streamline soundchecks and get reliable results
  • Eliminate distractions during recording sessions, rehearsals, and performances
  • Reduce stage volume
  • Make touring more economical
  • Make sessions more efficient
  • Improve your performance, live and on recordings

On stage

If you've ever played live on a stage with amps and monitors, chances are you've had to suffer through a bad monitor mix. And when you can't hear well, you can't perform your best—phrasing, pitch, groove, and energy all suffer.

With Aviom personal mixers, however, you can take control and customize your own monitor mixes quickly and easily—without a big console to lug around, without any hassle, and without trying to be an engineer and a musician all at the same time.

Why settle for wedges and a console mix

Wedge monitors are great, and there are lots of really good board operators who can make really good monitor mixes. But unless you're fronting a band on an arena tour, chances are your monitor mix is no one's top priority. Except yours. You depend on it, because if you can't hear what you need, you can't perform your best. It's that simple. And even the best mix engineers are at a real disadvantage making your monitor mix: they aren't you, and your monitor mix needs to work for you.

In the studio

If you've spent much time in a studio, you know how much of that time can be spent constantly tweaking headphone cue mixes, especially when doing a session with multiple musicians. For musicians and engineers alike, this interrupts the creative process and pulls focus away from other important tasks.

Nothing beats a personal mix

You know what you need to hear to perform your best. So imagine that, instead of trying to tell someone else what you need (usually using gestures), you could just reach down and touch a button and turn a knob and get exactly what you want!

That's what Aviom Personal Mixers give you: you can customize your mix whenever you want, that easily. And everyone else in the band can do the same. Everyone gets full personalization all the time, without competing for the board operator's attention.

Make in-ear monitors work

On stage, personal mixers are at their best when paired with a good set of in-ear monitors. Countless musicians have tried in-ears and been frustrated for one simple reason: things didn't sound right because they couldn't get a good mix. Making an in-ear mix for someone else is really difficult, and doing it for a band full of people takes tremendous skill and patience. Many musicians are better off doing it themselves.

Control volume without sacrificing energy

Whether you're worried about annoying the neighbors during rehearsal or overpowering the mother of the bride or the congregants in the front row, it's sometimes important to be able to control the amount of sound you're producing—without diminishing the energy in your performance. Personal mixers (especially coupled with in-ears or headphones) get all that under control, which means things sound better in the house, no one's complaining, and you have a happy client who will recommend your band with enthusiasm.

Work more efficiently in every way

Personal mixers can reduce soundcheck time to almost nothing and make sure you get the right mixes night after night after night. And who wouldn't prefer to carry around a personal mixer and in-ears than a wedge and amp?

Eliminate distractions and focus on the music

Nothing distracts a musician more than struggling with a bad monitor or cue mix, and the time an engineer has to spend to constantly tweak these mixes is an interruption from their other tasks. One size does NOT fit all, either on stage or in the studio, and to make matters worse, the mix that works well for a musician at the beginning of the day is unlikely to satisfy throughout a rehearsal or session as the energy of the day rises and falls. With Aviom personal mixers, musicians can keep their mixes dialed in all day long, freeing engineers to focus on their core jobs: processing channels, making submixes, recording, mixing for front of house, and so on.

Hear better. Play better. Sound better.

Switching to Aviom personal mixers could revolutionize what playing music is like for you. You'll be able to hear like you've never heard before. You'll play and sing better, with better pitch and tighter phrasing. You'll have control over how hard you play or sing. And you'll have more fun and more creative energy than ever before. Both you and your audience will hear the difference.

An Enduring, Cost Effective Investment

Whether you're outfitting a studio, working in a single performance space, or moving from venue to venue, an Aviom personal mixing system can be one of the best gear investments you make. Often the improvement from switching to Aviom personal mixers is so dramatic that it's as if the entire sound system and acoustical treatment of the space have been overhauled. Because the Aviom system is so quick to install and so economical, switching to Aviom Personal Mixers can be both the fastest and the most cost-effective way to improve the performance of your sound system.

In the studio, no matter the size of your studio or the stature of your clients, Aviom personal mixers will help you run your sessions smoothly, and smooth sessions are more likely to produce both high quality content and satisfied customers. And satisfied customers turn into repeat customers.