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Mapping Stereo Links

Expanding beyond 16 inputs - a four-part series


The A360 Personal Mixer is forward and backward compatible with most Aviom Pro16 and Pro16e devices. This includes:

  • AN-16/i Input Module
  • AN-16/i v.2 Input Module
  • AN-16/i -M Mic Input Module
  • Y1 Card for Yamaha MY devices
  • Console cards from Aviom's development partners
  • A-16D A-Net Distributor
  • A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor
  • D400 & D400-Dante A-Net Distributors
  • D800 & D800-Dante A-Net Distributors

The A360 may also be used in the same system with the A640, A320 and
legacy A-16II Personal Mixers.

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