A640 Personal Mixer

  • Intuitive interface with color multi-mix-view display
  • Advanced 36-channel mix engine for 18 mono or stereo sources
  • Per-channel volume, pan, treble, bass, and reverb
  • Channel mapping, Intercom, Network Mix Back, and much more...
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A320 Personal Mixer

  • Simple, powerful control over your monitor mix
  • 32-channel mix engine for 16 mono or stereo sources
  • Per-channel volume and Stereo Placement
  • 8 customizable mix presets
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A360 Personal Mixer     (Discontinued)

  • 36-channel mix engine
  • Customizable channel selection from up to 64 channels
  • Per-channel volume, tone, reverb, and Stereo Placement with Pan-Spread
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BOOM-1 Tactile Transducer Processor

  • Seamless integration with any personal mixing or audio system
  • Add low-frequency tactile information to a monitor mix
  • Three selectable Feel presets
  • XLR mono input for direct connection to the A640 or A360 Personal Mixer
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A-16II Personal Mixer

  • 16-channel mix engine
  • Per-channel volume and pan
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