D800-Dante Firmware

The D800-Dante A-Net Distributor has two types of firmware installed in it: Aviom firmware and Audinate Dante firmware.

Aviom Firmware

The Aviom firmware updates product features and is installed using the D800’s front-panel USB port along with a USB thumb drive. Any D800 or D800-Dante built after January 2015 already has the current Aviom firmware installed (v3.30) and will not require an update. The firmware files and installation instructions are here on the Aviom website:  http://www.aviom.com/AviomSupport/Software-Downloads.php

Audinate Dante Firmware

Dante firmware is updated and supplied by Audinate, the creators of the Dante protocol. All Dante firmware updates require the Dante Firmware Update Manager software tool, which Aviom supplies to users in the Software Downloads section of our website. All Dante firmware updates are performed using a Mac/PC connected to the Primary Dante port of the Dante interface on the D800-Dante A-Net Distributor.

The most recent version of the Audinate Mac/PC software tools are here:  http://www.aviom.com/AviomSupport/Dante/Audinate_Dante_Software.zip
The current version of the Dante firmware is available here:

You can check the Dante firmware version of your D800-Dante A-Net Distributor by using the Dante Controller software. Open the Device View for the unit and then click on the Status tab to see the currently installed version of the Dante firmware.

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