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Aviom creates the most flexible personal mixing systems available.  We’ve been the market leader in personal mixing for stage and studio since 2002. With hundreds of thousands of products in the field it’s natural for systems to be added on to, expanded, and/or upgraded. The information below will help simplify the process.

Personal Mixers

The original Aviom Personal Mixer that started it all in 2002 was the A-16. It was replaced with the A-16II Personal Mixer when we started building the first digital console cards to output Aviom A-Net (the Y1 for Yamaha devices and the D-16c for DiGiCo devices).  Other manufacturer’s digital console cards followed when they licensed Aviom’s proprietary A-Net protocol technology for use in their own designs.

The Personal Mixer product line has gone on to include the A-16II, and the current models–the A640, A320 and A360.

This table shows which Personal Mixers can be connected to the various network input sources available for both current and legacy products.

Personal Mixer Compatibility

A640 A360 A320 A-16II A-16
AN-16/i v.2 Input Module  Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Y1 Card for Yamaha Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Partner Console Cards Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AN-16/i Input Module Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AN-16/i-M Input Module Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A-16T Input Module Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Dante A-Net Distributors

D400-Dante A-Net Distributor  Yes Yes Yes Yes No
D800-Dante A-Net Distributor  Yes Yes Yes Yes No

A-Net Distributors

D400 A-Net Distributor  Yes Yes Yes Yes No
D800 A-Net Distributor  Yes Yes Yes Yes No
A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A-16D A-Net Distributor  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Personal Mixer Upgrades

In a personal mixing system, the A640, A360, A320, and A-16II Personal Mixers may all be used together. When upgrading a system that uses the A-16II, or if you just need to replace one mixer, you can simply unplug the Cat-5 cable from an A-16II and connect the A640, A360, or A320 as a replacement.  The A640, A360, and A320 will get the same input channels in the same order as those sent to the A-16II Personal Mixer.

A-Net Distributors

Aviom’s A-Net Distributors are designed to distribute A-Net data plus DC power to Personal Mixers. There are six total A-Net Distributors that have been produced through the years. Four have Aviom A-Net inputs; two have Dante inputs. (The D800-Dante has both a Dante and an Aviom A-Net input.)

A-Net Distributor Input Compatibility

A-Net Input Dante Input
D400 A-Net Distributor  Yes No
D800 A-Net Distributor  Yes No
D400-Dante A-Net Distributor  No Yes
D800-Dante A-Net Distributor  Yes Yes
A-16D A-Net Distributor  Yes No
A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor  Yes No

An A-Net Distributor gets its input from another device that outputs Aviom’s A-Net protocol. Any device that outputs an Aviom A-Net digital signal can be connected to an A-Net Distributor’s digital A-Net input. This includes:

  • AN-16/i v2 Input Module
  • Y1 console card for Yamaha devices
  • Console cards built by partner companies that use A-Net technology (DiGiCo, Avid, Soundcraft, etc.)
  • AN-16/i-M Mic Input Module
  • AN-16/i Input Module
  • A-16T Input Module

The two discontinued legacy products, the A-16D and A-16D Pro A-Net Distributors, can still be used with the newer Personal Mixers, the A640, A360 and A320.

If you need to replace an A-16D or A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor, you can substitute any of the A-Net Distributors seen in the table above as long as the A-Net Distributor has an A-Net input. (The only product that cannot be used for this purpose  is the D400-Dante A-Net Distributor.)

Combining A-Net Distributors

When expanding a personal mixing system to allow for more than eight performers, A-Net Distributors can be daisy chained. Just connect the A-Net Out on the first unit to the A-Net In on the second A-Net Distributor. Everything that arrives at the first A-Net Distributor will be passed to the second A-Net Distributor. And that includes high channel count system as well. If a D800-Dante is used for example, all of its possible 64 input patches from a Dante network will be passed on to a D400 A-Net Distributor or legacy A-16D Pro connected to its A-Net Out port.

This post offers more details about using multiple A-Net Distributors.

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