Crystal Monee Hall and Joe Bagale from The Mickey Hart Band Talk About Reverb


We recently caught up with Aviom artists The Mickey Hart Band at one of the last shows of their Superorganism tour. Before the show at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, we had the opportunity to talk with vocalist Crystal Monee Hall, along with keyboard player and vocalist Joe Bagale. The two vocalists have very different preferences for reverb in their mix.

Yesterday, we discussed the use of reverb in a monitor mix here. Today we thought we’d share what Crystal and Joe have to say about how they use reverb in their mixes.

Crystal Monee Hall: I use just a little bit of reverb in my mix. More for the band than for my voice. I’m not a singer that likes a lot of reverb on my voice.

Joe Bagale: I am a singer that likes reverb. I am using it on my voice. I find that if you get to sing with reverb, it kind of does some of the work for you, makes you not have to sing as hard. Sometimes it is kind of hard to communicate to our monitor guy that I need more reverb, and I might not know the setting of the reverb that I need. The reverb on the A360 is pretty cool; it’s not too wet. You can crank it all the way up and it’s kind of a short decay.

Joe went on to highlight another tool the A360 gives musicians for creating a more natural sense of space in their mix:

Joe Bagale: I also love how much more spreading you can do with the panning. There are like three more notches per side. And I like to space things out.

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