Germany’s Worship Academy and SPRING Harvest Festival

Gaetan Roy

Gaetan Roy and band on the main stage at the 2014 SPRING Harvest Festival in Germany

The Worship Academy in Altensteig, Germany, provides musical training for worship through part-time seminars. Director of the Worship Academy, Gaetan Roy, introduced Aviom personal mixers to the academy in 2007, and he and his band have been using Aviom A-16IIs since then as well. This year, coinciding with the German SPRING Harvest Festival, which brought together more than 3,000 evangelical Christians from Europe’s German-speaking community, Roy and his band started using Aviom’s new A360 Personal Mixers.

At the festival, Roy and his band used 12 Aviom A360 Personal Mixers on stage. They chose to use two AN-16/i-M Input Modules along with an AN-16/i v.2 Input Module because they prefer to have rotary gain control and to send a passive split from the AN-16/i-Ms to the front-of-house engineer. To distribute the A-Net signal to the A360s, the band used both a D800 A-Net Distributor and an A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor. For those A360s connected to the D800 the band took advantage of the new Network Mix Back™ feature (learn more about this feature here) which sends the stereo mix from each A360 to an AN-16/o v.4 Output Module for simplified connections to the in-ear monitor transmitters, making it possible to elegantly cable all of the in-ear monitoring components off stage.


German SPRING Harvest Festival

Perhaps the biggest advantage to using the A360s at SPRING was that the festival decided to forgo a monitor engineer and console for these main stage performances, resulting in significant cost savings. Roy credits the Aviom system with having “improved our musical experience as performers” and says the system “helps us play tighter as we hear ourselves at a level not possible with traditional monitoring where signals compete with each other in a single mono signal source.” Using the Aviom system has also helped the band manage the unhealthy stage levels that can come with having twelve musicians on stage and that can bleed into the sanctuary.

As longtime A-16II Personal Mixer users, Roy and others from the Worship Academy appreciate the new features of the A360.  Roy says, “The improved sound definition that the A360 offers over the A-16II greatly enhances the clarity of our mix and sets a new standard in the industry.” The band also likes the stereo ambience feature, One-Touch Ambience™ (learn more about this feature in this video). According to Roy, “We now feel more connected to the singing congregation, an issue which is important in leading worship and which allows us to serve better by being more sensitive to where the church is going in the song.”

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