Shane and Shane’s Worship Initiative Project


Shane Barnard in the Shane and Shane studio recording for the Worship Initiative

For the past several months, Aviom artists Shane and Shane have been hard at work writing songs, shooting video, and planning for the launch of an ambitious online training program for worship leaders and musicians, the Worship Initiative, which they will launch later this year. As Shane and Shane describe it, the Worship Initiative is “an online resource to empower musicians to lead.” The two will accomplish this by providing training in content (calling), craft, and creation.

Worship Initiative Components


The first component of the Worship Initiative helps musicians, songwriters, and worship pastors to consider their calling through worship devotionals, Bible applications and study tools, review classes from acclaimed seminaries, and video podcasts.



Shane Everett in the studio with an Aviom A360 Personal Mixer

The craft component will instruct musicians in how to effectively lead worship. As a guide for worship musicians, Shane and Shane have recorded 100 worship songs, and they plan to release 10 new songs each quarter. Not only did they record these 100 songs, but they also created over 700 training videos that will coach musicians by showing the detailed chord changes for every instrument played on a song. And they will release a Worship Initiative iPad app created with the help of Total Praisetrax that will help musicians practice and/or perform.


Finally, the creation component of The Worship Initiative will establish a songwriting community that cultivates sharing work and providing feedback, along with a 14 week class taught by Shane Barnard.

Learn More About the Worship Initiative

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Shane and Shane continue to work on building the Worship Initiative website and on creating all of the content. If you are interested in learning more about the Worship Initiative and how you can sign up to participate, visit the website. There are three ways that you can get involved.

  1. Start with a 3 month membership that includes a free t-shirt and a digital download of WI Volume 1.
  2. Get a 1-year membership with a free t-shirt and a digital download of WI Volume 1.
  3. Become a WI Lifetime Council Member. Get a free t-shirt, digital downloads of WI Volumes 1-10, the limited edition physical album collection volumes 1-10, and an invitation to a yearly gathering where you can weigh in on the direction of the Worship Initiative.

We are really excited for Shane and Shane, and we are glad to be supporting them in their efforts in our own small way: Shane and Shane are using Aviom’s A360 Personal Mixers in their studio while working on the Worship Initiative, so you may spy an A360 in some of their videos.

“Shane and I have been using Aviom systems for years, and they have never let us down. In the studio, the new Aviom A360s have blown our minds with the flexibility and control they offer.”

-Shane Everett

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