A360s on the Round Stage at Thunder Road

Aviom’s new A360 Personal Mixers made their performance debut in the Thunder Road Steakhouse & Cantina, a restaurant and performance venue housed in New Mexico’s Route 66 Casino Hotel. Consultant Nathan Powell with Production Technology Consultants, Inc. (PTC Group) out of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, specified the Aviom personal mixing system for Thunder Road as a means to help the venue overcome some unique sound challenges presented by the venue’s round stage which stands 12 feet above the audience.

The PTC Group previously installed an Aviom Pro64® audio network in the Envy Nightlife nightclub at the Route 66 Casino Hotel. When called upon to design a system for this restaurant and live performance venue at the hotel, Powell knew that a personal mixing system was necessary to get the live monitors off of the stage at Thunder Road. According to Powell, he chose the Aviom A360 system because “the sonic quality and new features are amazing. It is the standard upon which everyone else will have to build.”

“The Aviom system that PTC Group specified for us is performing far beyond our expectations,” states Helmut Perzi, Entertainment Manager for Route 66 Casino Hotel. “We can actually hear what the bands really sound like, and the overall noise factor from the floor monitors we once had is now gone. It is also extremely easy for our onsite engineers to program and operate.”

Currently Thunder Road has seven A360s on stage connected to a Yamaha® M7CL-48 via an Aviom16/o-Y1 A-Net Card and an AN-16/i v.2 Analog Input Module. These two units send 32 channels of audio from the console to an A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor near the stage. The A-16D Pro sends the audio signal and power to each of the A360 Personal Mixers on stage where musicians can choose how to assign the 32 channels on their A360s.

The system was furnished and installed by Indian Nation Technologies, LLC. Richard Jaramillo, Jr., CEO, stated, “The Aviom system was very easy to install and intuitive. When I asked the bands what they thought of the system after we installed it, they were amazed at how clear everything was and how easy the units were to operate. I look forward to working with PTC Group and Aviom on future expansions within this and other casinos.”

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