Cat-5 Cable Pinout


Sometimes you need to build your own Cat-5 cables for an installation. It’s not hard to do. We have a video tutorial that shows you the tools you’ll need along with the steps required  to make and test your own custom-length cables.

It’s important that you wire the cable correctly. There are two accepted standards for Cat-5 cables; they’re called T568A and T568B.  It doesn’t matter which you choose, but it’s critical that both ends of every cable you make use the same wire pattern.

Cat-5 pinout

Cat-5e and Cat-6

We specify that you use cables that are rated “Cat-5e or better” with your Aviom products. What does that mean exactly? As networking standards change, the cables that connect networking devices also change to reflect the increased demand for data, speed, and bandwidth without interference.

Cat-5e grew out of the industry’s adoption of 100 Mb devices; Cat-6 is associated with gigabit devices. You can use either with your Aviom devices. As newer technologies are created, you can expect to see Cat-6e, Cat-7, etc., and all of these will be capable of transferring A-Net data between Aviom devices. Any number higher than 5 is acceptable.


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