New Features in A360 Channel Manager


Version 3 of the A360 Channel Manager™ application has an updated user interface; adds support for channel, preset, and group naming, and also simplifies integration with the iOS® A360 Display™ app for the A360 Personal Mixer. (For more on A360 Display, go here.)

The new features include:
• Updated interface design
• Expanded menu bar
• Cut, copy, and paste text
• Add a name for an A360 Personal Mixer
• Edit channel, preset, and group names
• Import names created using A360 Display
• Print configuration information
• Check for updates online

The editing interface is now easier to navigate; every mix channel can be named by simply clicking in its text field.


You can even print a report for each A360 mixer’s settings.

Preset and Group Support

Version 3 also supports Presets and Groups; both can be named by choosing Preset/Group Names from the View menu. All text entered here will also be displayed in the A360 Display iOS app.

Name Preset-Group 01


Save and Edit Configurations

Up to 16 configurations can be created and saved to a USB flash drive for loading into A360 Personal Mixers. Existing configurations saved from an A360 can be loaded from a USB drive for editing in A360 Channel Manager.

Download A360 Channel Manager here.


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