D800 Switches

Each of the eight A-Net ports on the front of the D800 or D800-Dante A-Net Distributor has a two-position mode switch labeled with Roman numerals I and II. The switches are used to control A-Net data flow, either unidirectional (I) or bidirectional (II).


The unidirectional mode is used with the A320 Personal Mixer and legacy A-16II Personal Mixers while the bidirectional A-Net mode is used with the A640 and A360 Personal Mixers to enable the two-way communication with the D800 when using the optional Network Mix Back and the A360’s iOS support features.

When using the A320 and A-16II Personal Mixers with a D800, the mode switch must be set to the unidirectional¬†(I) position. If the switch is moved to¬†the II position with these Personal Mixers, they do not receive an A-Net digital network signal and you cannot mix until the D800’s switch is returned to the I position on that port.

When using A640 and A360 Personal Mixers the D800 switches can be in either position, but note that the switch must be in the bidirectional (II) position for each port where Network Mix Back or A360 Display support is required.

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